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AS Movies & Games PodcastYup! It’s us! I know, right?

Andrew is back with another solo podcast episode. The last one was episode 2 (well, technically episode 1; but who cares about technicalities?).

Click the play (►) button on the media player above to hear Andrew’s magnificent and soothing voice. Don’t be afraid. It will be okay. There you go.

We weren’t entirely sure what we wanted to do this week (blog post, video, illustration, etc.), but it seemed like a good idea to make the podcast a priority, so that’s what we settled on.

ActRaiserAndrew discusses a mobile game, a few SNES (or Super Famicom) games, and touches on what he’s been watching lately. It’s all old stuff!

By the way, if you happen to know what “tactical turn-based gargoyle game” Andrew is referring to, make sure to leave a comment below! Be a friend; don’t leave a comment unattended.

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Show Notes:

These awesome show notes were provided by that guy who slipped on a rock, fell in the pond, and ruptured his spleen. Just kidding! It was us.