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Amass A Fortune Podcast - Jobs Are ObsoleteAre jobs really safe and secure? Will they allow you to create wealth and freedom in your life? Find out in this episode of the Amass A Fortune Podcast.

Show Notes:


Hi, this is Andrew with, a website for people that want to create wealth and freedom in their lives.

I am on a personal journey to creating more wealth in my life, and I am here to share what I have learned with you.

Today I want to talk about jobs and what is happening in the world of jobs.

It seems like the traditional employment model is really becoming obsolete. Over the course of a lifetime, people change their career about eight times. And yet those same people don’t have anything to show for it at the end of it. In other words, they’re broke, they’re in debt, or they just simply don’t have enough money to retire.

So, if you don’t want to wind up as a statistic, I think it’s worth working looking into models outside of employment. You may need to utilize a job to make a living, but then you can take the free time that you have, or the downtime that you have, to create wealth on the side.

This isn’t easy, of course, because we all get tired, and there’s really only so much time we have after working 9 – 5. But what happens if we don’t do anything? What’s to say that our circumstance is going to be any different than anybody else’s?

So there’s basically three things that are good to know about jobs.

  1. First, you need to recognize that you’re in the information age, not the industrial age. You may want to check out a book called Linchpin by Seth Godin. In it, he talks about how unless you have some special skills or leadership qualities, basically you are dispensable. You are very replaceable. If someone can be shown how to do your job in a matter of weeks, or even months, chances are pretty good that if there is someone who is willing to do it for cheaper, you could be replaced. We also live in a global economy. What this means is that people can outsource their legal and accounting work to people outside of the country who are willing to do it for cheaper.
  2. The second thing to recognize is that what you’ve been told is safe and secure is actually the least secure way of making money. In traditional employment, you only get paid for the hours that you’re actually working. Now you may be wondering if there are income models other than that, and of course there are. Just consider internet business or online business where websites stay online virtually 24/7/365 and have the opportunity to earn people money in their sleep. There are also other business opportunities out there like network marketing that allow you to create a passive income or an asset. With this business model, you can build your business to a certain point, and the income will continue to come in even as you reduce your workload. If you’re trying to make money fast, jobs are the way to go. However, long term, business is far more secure.
  3. The third thing to recognize is that creativity and even entrepreneurship could become requirements in the future. In other words, unless the employment model changes, people are going to continue to work eight or nine or 10 careers throughout their lives. At the very least, it’s a good idea to think about having a Plan B, because Plan A may not always work out exactly as you think it will. A lot of workplaces don’t really allow you to express your creativity, and yet the paradox is that your creativity is what makes you valuable to the world. Of course, there are no guarantees that your creative project, your business-on-the-side, your Plan B is actually going to make a lot of money. But having said that, diversifying is not a bad idea.

Jobs don’t really allow you to be in control. You’re always catering to the demands of the clients, the managers and the bosses.

Does this mean that you should quit your job tomorrow? Well, no. You still need an income.

Notwithstanding, if you’re working for someone else, you’re building their business. You’re building their dream. You’re building their vision.

If you have your own business, you have the opportunity to work towards your goals, your objectives, and you have the chance to be in control.

Is it scary to think about staring your own business? Well of course it is, especially if you’ve never done it before.

There’s always a cost to starting your own business, but there’s also a cost to not staring your own business.

In conclusion, there’s really no right or wrong here. It really just depends on what you want to accomplish in your life.

Maybe you want to take a six-figure job, and maybe you want to start a business on the side that will allow you the opportunity to amass a fortune. Whatever you want to do, it’s up to you. It’s your dream. Just keep in mind that jobs will probably never offer you the kind of freedom that you want in your life.

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