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AS Movies & Games PodcastThe Doge Pound is back on the AS Movies & Games podcast, and this time, we talk for even longer than last time! Thus the need to split up the talk into two episodes.

Click the play (►) button on the media player above to get started. Seriously. Get with the times already. Yes, there really is a media player up there. There you go.

Disclaimer: there is some questionable language and suggestive allusions in these episodes. Not as bad as some shows we know, but make sure to take whatever precautions you need before listening to the awesomeness.

On this particular occasion, Andrew was joined by Jay, Story, and FlameTongue of The Doge Pound.

The Doge Pound

By the way, if you missed the previous episode of the show, we do recommend going back and listening to that as well. You don’t need a lot of context for this episode, but it can help.

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Show Notes:

These extensive and relatively thorough shows notes provided by… Big Bird. No, it was us actually.