What does it take to pursue a music career? What does the financial outlay look like? How do you navigate the veritable minefield that is the music industry?

In this episode of Creativity Excitement Emotion, David passes the mic with singer, guitarist, band leader, and hair stylist Jody Lubin.


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00:17 – Today’s guest, Jody Lubin
00:34 – “Creativity Excitement Emotion” is Jody’s idea
00:51 – The music distribution minefield and music industry frustrations
05:13 – Streaming royalties and making an income in music
06:54 – Thinking about monetization and audience differently
08:45 – Finding the right music producer
11:38 – Applying for funding
13:46 – What is music supposed to cost?
16:52 – Is the music industry funded by venture capitalists?
17:22 – Televised talent competitions
20:27 – The technological divide
23:10 – Taking on music in your 40s
27:00 – Jody’s story
32:09 – David’s search for the perfect electric guitar
33:27 – Jody’s red guitar
34:44 – Clean Slate
36:41 – Community building
37:41 – Costs of putting on a show
38:43 – Gaining your independence
39:21 – Wrapping up


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