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AS Movies & Games PodcastAnd we’re back with another bestest episode of the AS Movies & Games podcast!

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Housekeeping disclaimer: remember kids, don’t drink soy sauce straight! There might be some questionable language in this episode too. But maybe not. Actually, there is.

And this time (*the trumpet sounds*), Jay and Story from The Doge Pound join Andrew in a conversation about – what else – movies and games!

The Doge Pound!

The Doge Pound

The conversation began with two simple questions:

  • What have you been playing recently? and…
  • What have you been watching recently?

However, it didn’t stay on-topic for long, as the three delve into a variety of games, movies, and even online marketing related discussions like social media and crowdfunding. Leave it to wandering minds to get derailed mid sen… wait, what was I talking about?

Don’t forget; if you are listening to this, you are the man… or WO-man (we’re all about political correctness here) as the case may be. But you’re probably a man. Our audience is predominantly male. But we want to welcome the ladies too.

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Show Notes:

These extensive and fairly thorough show notes provided by… us!