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I Hit Upon a Snag

Amazingly, I have been using the same web host (and the same hosting plan) for nearly 10 years now. However, in the last few weeks, I started exceeding bandwidth usage. It was not due to traffic, email, or even file downloads. Apparently I was … [Read more]

My Chain

I have been working on my e-book, on and off, for the last 17 months. Though I did not intend for it to take as long as it has, I am now grateful that it did. I had another e-book in progress back in 2011, but its contents never felt quite right … [Read more]

I Was Really Scared To Do This

Yesterday, I launched my very own crowdfunding campaign. It's something that I've never done, admittedly, for fear that it would not work out for me. In the past, I even told my friends, "I wouldn't want to take advantage of people that way." … [Read more]

Are You Teachable?

There are so many fantastic truths in this video featuring Loral Langemeier and John Assaraf. Take a look if you have a moment: Perhaps one of the most important concepts to understand here is that of teachability. If you have the desire to be … [Read more]

Iterate Again

It seems I need to take a dose of my own medicine. I have often talked about the importance of iterating as a musician (if you know me, you know that I often write about the music industry). In today's online world, it's hard to know exactly what … [Read more]

Changing My Personal Operating System

Up at 6 AM. I immediately begin with self-care. I navigate over to and I start watching Bob Baker interview Derek Sivers while exercising. Almost instantly, I know that I'm hearing a message I need to hear. Sivers talks … [Read more]

Outsource Blog Content is Now Live!

Sometimes life takes you unexpected directions. I have been corporate blogging for close to two years now, and I've also been working as a freelance writer on the side. You may have noticed that I had listed my blogging services on this site, … [Read more]

David Andrew Wiebe Online Marketing is Expanding

This has been a bit of a crazy month for me and everyone involved with the various facets of my online marketing efforts. Podcasting I've started creating more content for my longest running podcast, DAWCast: Music Entrepreneurship. I didn't have … [Read more]